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Homeless Care Council of NW Alabama

"Committed to Ending Homelessness"







For the last several years, the prevalence of homelessness in Northwest Alabama has been on the 
rise. The 2021 Point in Time Survey indicated there are approximately 183 people who meet the criteria of 
homeless, meaning they live on the streets, in tents, cars, wooded areas, emergency shelters, 
public parks, or in a transitional housing program within the six-counties that comprise our 
Continuum of Care (AL- 502). Many others stay with family or move from friend to friend, couch 
surfing to avoid sleeping on the streets. Each individual and family comes with their own unique 
story and their own challenges. While homelessness is temporary or transient for most, some remain in shelters
or on the street for years with no clear path to stable, appropriate housing.

In January of 2021, as the Collaborative Applicant for AL-502, HCCNWA undertook the
development of a three-year plan that is focused on addressing homelessness in our community. This 
Strategic Plan is the product of more than six months of community meetings, interviews, surveys, 
and informal conversations to identify local strengths and needs in the homeless crisis response 
system, including housing, education, economic opportunity, health, mental health, and substance 
abuse treatment. The plan reflects local concerns and knowledge of our community services combined 
with research on goals and next steps. The report includes a full description of the research and 
planning process, a profile of local strengths and opportunities, and goals and
objectives with strategies to achieve them.

We invite you to download the plan below and read to learn more about the current state of homelessness in the Shoals and the efforts being done to help those individuals/families. Thank you to our Board of Directors and members of the Strategic Planning Committee that worked many hours to put this comprehensive plan together. 





Our mission at HCCNWA is to equip and empower the community to end homelessness through advocacy, education, and coordination of services.



The vision of the HCCNWAL is to be the leader in our community's effort to plan, coordinate, and develop resources with the goal of ending homelessness. 


The HCCNWAL is currently seeking new members. Please see the "Membership" tab for more info. 


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